About me

«We can just live and we can live beautifully!!!!!!»

Petite, fragile and graceful like a revive Japan statuette, she attracts the looks at once. At the sight of her they remember a phrase «A human being should be entirely beautiful: the face, the clothes, the mind, the thoughts». But in such case it ought to add a profession too. So, let me introduce you Leyla Sandshiko – a holiday organizer and a designer of the wedding «dream bouquets».

Her friends tell about her: «Be careful! It’s an Oriental girl full of surprises!». The mixture of two bloods – of the freedom-loving Kalmyks and proud Turkmen – has endowed her with its best features of both nations. And this name «Leyla» was chosen by her favourite grand-father – a subtle connoisseur of the beautiful – not by chance. Mysterious and brilliant like a Night (her name can be translated exactly in such way), she was born for making the holidays.

Love for a creation of little Leyla became apparent from her earliest years. Every week-end she gathered her younger brothers and sisters, distributed among them the roles and staged the performances or arranged the concerts as a young director had gone to a music school and finished a piano class. On the whole Leyla’s family liked to organize the magnificent celebrations with a great number of guests. Adorning the table and creating the decoration for the family holidays were her favourite occupation. Within one evening their hall could transform into a real oriental tent or even into a spaceship.

Leyla’s designer faculties also became apparent since her childhood. And there’s nothing surprised because at home there always were the elegant well-dressed mother, grand-mother and aunts around her as it’s the custom for the oriental women. Exactly her granny being a great needlewoman was teaching her favourite grandchild for the secrets of the art to be trendy and luxurious. Another one source of inspiration was her mother who has always believed in her and supports all the initiatives of her indefatigable daughter even if they seem to her too eccentric. And evoked by the inner passion to a self-expression Leyla began sewing the costumes first for her dolls and her cat, then for herself.

During the senior high school years Leyla had been shining on the scene in cast of the national dance ensemble «Dzhangr» being on tour all over the country. The scene, the rehearsals, the bright and exotic costumes and decorations still remained her element. Even when she entered the math faculty of the Kalmyk State University and after the second year transferred into the State Academy of Management in Moscow, Leyla didn’t forget her likings. That’s why one day being already an accountant, an auditor and a manager by education, however she returned back to her favourite occupation.

So an accountant became a designer. Of course, at first she had doubts but her sage mother supported her idea and helped the daughter in self-actualization. Leyla created a collection of the knitted wear and began a collaboration with the knitting workshops. She was very glad to meet in the streets of Moscow the girls in the clothes created by her. «Here it is, a triumph!» - was rejoicing Leyla.

Her talent was marked by the international association «The Union of the designers of Russia» that accepted the girl in its ranks. A number of fashion-shows of the novice designer took place in Moscow night clubs. But certainly the most unforgettable was that one in Russian house in Paris.

For last six years Leyla is also engaged in organizing the holiday events. She found herself in this job. There all that she once studied – a management, dances, decorating, playing music, taking pictures and creating came in handy. The holding of the weddings, the device anniversaries, birthdays, corporative parties and events decor ... Now she has "a holiday every day" indeed.

Her dreams and fantasies of childhood became a reality. Celebrations organized by Leyla take place in the best restaurants of Moscow, with stars and celebrities. She carefully selects locations for her events.

"I'm so thankful to my destiny because it has made my life really beautiful, interesting and luxurious - confesses Leyla. - I'm lucky - my clients are not afraid of experimentation, they are characterized by innovative thinking. And most importantly is that they trust me. My client is a hip, creative person who comes up with the times, and sometimes ahead of it! That’s why I am able to create for them a unique and unforgettable holiday».

Unique originality of creation of holiday manager also spreads to other areas. So today the second direction of Leyla’s activity is her own studio decor. She creates the delicious wedding bouquets, decorations and accessories for events.

But her bouquets are not just flowers, to which we are all used! "I don’t like the standards and rules … I love the personality! "- says Leyla, creating an exclusive collection of bouquets made of jewelry. Here the eastern roots and love to jewelry talked in her relentlessly. Such beauty as the dream bouquets of Leyla Sandshiko haven’t exist in Russia yet.

"I'm happy - my work has harmoniously interwoven with my life, - continues Leyla. - All my life is a holiday, and I am as a film director, actor, painter, designer in it, and just a woman, creating and giving You the beauty. My every day is extraordinary ... every day I try a new way to perceive what I care about, and it helps me to embody the dream. I think that curiosity, enthusiasm and faith every day remind me that nothing is impossible. We have to keep a child who lives within all of us. " Another one of Leila's hobbies is traveling. Meetings with new, interesting people, learning the traditions and celebrations of different countries inspire her in her work.

With such a profession, the time for a break is not enough, the endless cycle of events and parties doesn’t allow to relax, because you always want to do everything as best as possible, so to make everything be perfect. Let us recall the wedding planner in the performance of Jennifer Lopez, who was ready to move mountains, if only her clients were happy.

"Sometimes it seems to me that my head is a great computer, because the person who organizes parties, should know and remember a lot of things, work and think fast, - says Leyla. - Each client is a whole world with his preferences and views. I must understand all nuances in order to monitor the contractors. I learned a lot and I continue to learn. And I absolutely agree with the statement: if you want to get something in the way you want, do it yourself. Or at least do a design project and give it to professionals who embody your idea to life.

With such professional approach and love for her work she will surprise us with their creations many times. And that name - Leyla Sandshiko - we will hear again and again!